Um livro didático, para 2019.
The perfect complement to your favorite English program.
Everything you need to make Inglês Nu E Cru Rádio your English learning superpower.
O que são os worksheets?
A fully annotated transcription of the episode so you don't miss a thing. We pick out and explain all of the best vocabulary, grammar, and expressions for you.
They don't teach you this in the textbooks. We analyze everything. Alexia's mistakes. Foster accent. Weird slang. We do the hard work so you can have fun while learning.
Cultural Context
English is complicated. It's more than language, it is culture. With the worksheets, we make it simple for you to understand.
In Inglês Nu E Cru Rádio, we make a lot of connections. We talk about other episodes, resources, websites, and podcasts. Now, you have everything in one place.
Explanations of the most crucial, high-level English words and phrases. Your vocabulary will skyrocket.
These worksheets are packed with the real language used by English speakers today, meaning that you stay right up-to-date at the Advanced level.
Three good reasons
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Learn the right things.
You avoid missing out on any of the important vocabulary used in our highest level audio!
Learn with confidence.
You will learn the right, up-to-date words and phrases needed to talk confidently about any subject!
Learn faster.
You will reach a bilingual level of English faster!
Who are the worksheets for?
Advanced Learners
Inglês Nu E Cru Worksheets brings you more of what we do best, and what you most benefit from. These are the real English conversations that you just don't find anywhere else, and the worksheets mean you don't miss a single word of what's being said!
Intermediate Learners
There is no doubt that for a while this is going to feel like hard work for you – this audio is high-level, and it will definitely be a challenge, but that's just what you need to progress fast! This is the level where the worksheets with the full English conversation transcript are really crucial.
Inspired Beginners
If you are a Very Inspired Beginner, then yes, you can benefit from this – but we'll leave it up to you to decide if are ready to take such a big step.
We don't like to talk about ourselves.
But we don't mind if our fans do ♥️
"I highly recommend Inglês Nu e Cru! I love the episodes, Foster and Alexia are awesome and the course is very interesting. Foster helped me a lot to improve my English during my internship in the USA. He's a very helpful and patient teacher."
Jessica Colavite
iTunes, Washington, DC
"Vicia mais que Netflix! Parabéns pelos podcasts!! Ótima forma de aprender! Divertida e leve! Como estou atrasada, acabo escutando mais de um por dia...difícil é parar. Associado ao curso acredito estar melhorando a pronúncia e a escuta! Proposta que o Inglês Nu e Cru apresenta está sendo cumprida!"
Fernanda Mauro
iTunes, Brasil
"Foster and Alexia I would like to say thank you so much! You work guys it's awesome, incredible! Without doubts Inglês Nu E Cru is the best english podcast! I'm listening all the episodes from the beginning in the last months and I'm really exciting about how much I'm learning because of you guys! I would say I feel inside of the conversation with you guys! I really appreciate the podcast! Congrats for both!"
Felipe Geremias
iTunes, Brasil
"Adoro ouvir os podcasts, todos são muito bons e com assuntos que ajudam muito no ingles!! Principalmente quando Foster corrige algo na pronuncia, me ajuda demais!' Continuem sempre com os podcasts!"
iTunes, Brasil
More than 200 episodes to level up your English.
2 million
More than two million listeners of Inglês Nu E Cru.
5 stars
We have more than two hundred five star rating and reviews.
5 star reviews from our students!
This podcast is a terrific way to experience and practice English Language on a daily basis. This mix between the learning method of Foster and the Alexia's charisma keeps you focused on the subject, in the meantime makes you to look forward to hearing the next one. As Foster used to say: "Keep up the good fight and lose well."
iTunes Review
Um americano e uma brasileira com drops diários de ensinamentos sobre a lingua inglesa. Aprendemos e nos divertimos com os dois.
iTunes Review
They're so good, I listen every single day, Foster and Alexia are incredibles, the way how they teaching is very fun and efficiently, I improve my english and have fun at the same time. It's perfect!
iTunes Review
Adoro ouvir os podcasts, todos são muito bons e com assuntos que ajudam muito no ingles!! Principalmente quando Foster corrige algo na pronuncia, me ajuda demais!' Continuem sempre com os podcasts!!
iTunes Review
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