Você 'sabe' inglês mas não consegue falar?
Somos uma escola não convencional para aprender mais rápido, entender nativos e falar com confiança.
We are not your normal English school.
We teach Brazilians to speak confidently and understand native speakers with innovative methods.
Our pronunciation and conversation MasterClass created for Brazilians to speak confident English.
We produce a daily podcast so you can study English whenever you want, wherever you want.
We tell stories about language, travel, culture and more.
Our team
We are a couple (literally) of language lovers on a mission to change English teaching in Brazil.
Co-founder, podcast host, program director
Foster is the language nerd. He stays up late studying linguistics and has taught English to over 5,000 Brazilians students. He will be your guide during the course.
Co-founder, podcast host, student success specialist
Alexia takes care of our students. If you have any questions about the course, English, or why we have so many dogs. Alexia is always available to help you out.
We don't like to talk about ourselves.
But we don't mind if our fans do ♥️
"I highly recommend Inglês Nu e Cru! I love the episodes, Foster and Alexia are awesome and the course is very interesting. Foster helped me a lot to improve my English during my internship in the USA. He's a very helpful and patient teacher."
Jessica Colavite
iTunes, Washington, DC
"Vicia mais que Netflix! Parabéns pelos podcasts!! Ótima forma de aprender! Divertida e leve! Como estou atrasada, acabo escutando mais de um por dia...difícil é parar. Associado ao curso acredito estar melhorando a pronúncia e a escuta! Proposta que o Inglês Nu e Cru apresenta está sendo cumprida!"
Fernanda Mauro
iTunes, Brasil
"Foster and Alexia I would like to say thank you so much! You work guys it's awesome, incredible! Without doubts Inglês Nu E Cru is the best english podcast! I'm listening all the episodes from the beginning in the last months and I'm really exciting about how much I'm learning because of you guys! I would say I feel inside of the conversation with you guys! I really appreciate the podcast! Congrats for both!"
Felipe Geremias
iTunes, Brasil
"Adoro ouvir os podcasts, todos são muito bons e com assuntos que ajudam muito no ingles!! Principalmente quando Foster corrige algo na pronuncia, me ajuda demais!' Continuem sempre com os podcasts!"
iTunes, Brasil
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