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Os melhores recursos para aprender inglês de graça

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I've been teaching English to Brazilians for a long time and of the most common questions I receive from my students is"What is the best app to learn English?"

If you are familiar with our work, you probably know that we are not huge fans of most language learning apps. However, there are some apps that can really improve your English if you use them in right way.

There are a lot language learning apps. Some are great, some are not so great. A lack of resources is certainly not the problem. With so much information on the internet, it's easy to get lost.

So, we decided to make a comprehensive list of some of our favorite apps to really start improving your English in 2019. We personally use all of these apps to learn languages faster and have more fun in the process.

Have fun with these resources and #losewell

-Foster, Inglês Nu E Cru

"Traditional" Apps
These are apps that you would generally consider "language learning" apps. For example, dictionaries, translators, recording devices, etc.
forvo como pronunciar palavras em ingles

The largest pronunciation dictionary in the world. All the words in all the languages pronounced by native speakers. You can simply search for a word, and you have a native speaker pronounce it for you. It's awesome.

The web version is free, but they recently started charging $2.99 for the paid version of the mobile app, which is a small investment to improve your English.
linguee os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles

Let's face it, Google Translator doesn't work very well. You don't won't artificial intelligence giving you translations, you want real people. Linguee searches millions of texts to find accurate translations.

They have a web version and a free app which is pretty awesome as well.
urban dictionary os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles
Urban Dictionary

If you want to learn real English slang and idiomatic expressions, Urban Dictionary is the place to go. You find everything from curse words to acronyms and new phrases that all the cool kids are using nowadays.
scribd os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles

Enjoy an unlimited number of books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. You can think of Scribd as Netflix for English learning.

Scribd has a huge collection of e-books, audiobooks, PDF's, magazines, sheet music, and news articles for a small monthly fee.

You can read or listen on any device (including Kindle, which is awesome) and download everything to have access offline.

With your subscription, Scribd offers free access to some other amazing apps, like:

  • Blinkist
  • Pocket
  • Mubi

Using the links in this post, you will receive two months for free, so it is definitely worth checking out.

(note: we don't receive anything if you use Scribd, we just think it is pretty cool)
audible os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles

Audible is the most well-known app in the world of audiobooks. It is a little more expensive than Scribd, but Audible has some advantages too.

First, Audible is different than Scribd because it is not an unlimited subscription. For around $10 dollars per month, you receive one free audiobook, plus two Audible originals.

Despite being a little more expensive, Audible is still pretty awesome. You can exchange any book that you don't like for free with no questions asked. This feature essentially transforms Audible into an on-demand, unlimited app.

Audible also has a more extensive collection. Scribd sometimes has a lot of new books and bestsellers, and other times, the collection seems to be a little out of date.

As the leader in the audiobook space, Audible will almost always have the audiobook you are looking for.

Finally, Audible offers a thirty day free trial that includes a free audiobook. So, it is definitely worth checking out.
speater os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles
Speater (iOS)

Do you want to watch movie over and over again? Do you like listening music, podcast repeatedly? Do you want to listen particular sentence in lecture? Speater is the answer.

We use Speater all the time to repeat with podcasts, songs, and series. It is really amazing if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

We talk a lot about the importance of review in language learning, and Speater is perfect for reviewing material and improving your pronunciation.
smart repeat os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles
Smart Repeat Player (Android)

Smart Repeat Player is originally designed for studying language, but you can also use it for listening music. As far as we can tell (we are iPhone people), Smart Repeat Player is very similar to Speater.
voice memos os melhores aplicativos para aprender ingles
Voice Memos

This may seem like a strange choice, but voice memos is probably the app I use the most for language learning.

When I practices scripts, I record them and then listen to the results. It's hard work but an extremely effective way to improve your speaking ability.

Conversation Apps
No app, textbook, or study hack can replace the power of talking to real people. Conversation is king.
If you listen to Inglês Nu E Cru Rádio, you know that we love Cambly.

We spent almost an entire year trying to find the perfect sponsor for the show, and the Cambly found us.

It was a match made in heaven.

Cambly offers 24/7 on-demand tutoring with professional English teachers.

Think about that for a second...

You can have an English class right now, with a professional English teacher, talking about the specific subject that you want, talking in the specific accent that you want to learn.

Traveling to New York City and want to really understand how New Yorkers talk?

Cambly has you covered.

Do you a job interview for a software development position tomorrow and are really nervous?

You can talk to an English teacher specifically trained for that situation right now.

Debating if you should watch one more episode of Stranger Things or study your English?

You can talk to a professional English teacher right now about Stranger Things.

Seriously, it's the coolest thing ever.

Oh, did I mention the price? It's a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional English school.

For example, with our partnership promotion you could do 3 English classes per week, 30-minute classes, for $50 dollars a month!

That's more or less $8 per hour.

I don't teach private classes nowadays, but when I did, I charged $50 dollars per hour.

I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Why are you still reading this?

Imagine what your English would be like in one year if you had 3 classes per week. I imagine you would be speaking better than me.

Sign up for Cambly with a 50% discount today.
Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Obviously, we love Cambly and have a special relationship with them.

There are some other great sites to talk to real people (normally professional English teachers), that are worth checking out.

Apps to meet real people
Most of us spend a lot of time online. Meeting real people in real-life is the classic superpower for language learning.
como falar ingles com nativos gratuito airbnb

If you are still staying in hotels when you travel, you don't know what you are missing.

AirBnb lets you stay in real people's homes and experience the local culture in a much deeper way.

With AirBnb, you really have two options: an entire house or a private room.

If you really want to improve your English, we recommend staying in a private room. This means you will stay at someone's house, but have a private room just for you.

In a private room setup, you will have many more opportunities to talk to native speakers, learn the local culture, and find out the best things to do while traveling.

AirBnb is normally much cheaper than a hotel, it's a lot more fun, and it gives you a much more authentic experience.

We have stayed more than 20 AirBnb's in the US, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, England, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. We have not had one negative experience, and 90% of our experiences were amazing.

By the way, if this is your first time staying in an AirBnb - you will receive a $55 dollar discount on your first trip!

If you are really serious about improving your English, there is no better way than meeting people in person. is perfect for that.

You can simply search for people that have similar interests as you, and then literally meet up with them! We use MeetUp every time we travel and it is wonderful.

If you want to learn more about MeetUp and how to make friends in English, check out this episode:
como falar com nativos em ingles couchsurfing
For the ambitious travelers and language learners, you can go stay on someone's couch.

Remember the days when you searched for hours for an exchange program?

Now, you can have a real immersion experience for free. I know, it seems crazy at first. But remember when we thought that Uber, AirBnb, and the entire sharing economy was crazy?

If you are a real traveler and don't mind getting out of your comfort zone, CouchSurfing may be a great option for you.
Conclusion: Less is more
In a world of information overload, keep it simple.
I hope that you find these apps useful. Try them out. Have fun. Experiment to see what works for you.

But first, a word of caution.

After you have done some research about apps to improve your English, choose a couple that you really like, and stick with them.

We live in a world of unlimited options. Today, you have more access to English learning materials in your pocket than an entire English school just a few years ago.

It is easy to get distracted, lose focus, and ultimately, lose your motivation.

At the end of the day, there is not one app that can teach you English. You have to learn it through experience.

If you are struggling with distraction and feel like there are too many options, I highly recommending checking out a series of conversations that we did with Kyla Gardner.

Kyla Gardner really changed the way I feel about apps, technology and learning.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

See you next Friday!
Foster, Inglês Nu E Cru
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