5 Easy Ways to Take Your English to the Next Level
Without Changing Your Schedule
Go on walks.
I don't know about you, but my mind works best when I am on the move.

If I am sitting at a desk, I can crank out emails, browse social media, and occasionally do something remotely productive. But to truly retain information, to commit it to memory, I need to be moving. Now that we have the world in our pockets, it is easier than ever to simply go outside, take a nice walk, and learn a new language while you're at it.
Sing in the shower.
Music doesn't work for everyone, but it has been fundamental for my language learning.

My process is pretty simple. I find a song I like in my target language. I break down all of the sounds to make sure I am pronouncing them correctly. Then I memorize about 4 lines a day. Once they are committed to memory, I will sing them to myself throughout the day. In a couple of week's time, you can have four or five foreign songs in your repertoire.
Start your day in English.
If you are on the internet reading blogs about language learning, you are probably familiar of how in vogue morning rituals are nowadays.

I've tried them all: meditation, bulletproof coffee, exercising when I wake up, and they have all worked to some extent. Yet I've found nothing is more effective than doing what you love in the morning. It sets the tone for the day.

Now I wake up and read the news in Portuguese. Then I listen to music in Portuguese or Spanish while making breakfast. You'll be amazed by how this little hack shifts the rest of your day.
Everyone has their language app of choice. But the thing about most apps is you have to take time out of your day. You have to make it a habit, and habits are hard. That's what I love about FlashTabs, a simple chrome extension that let's you memorize new words and phrases every time you open a new tab.

With Flashtabs, you don't have to create a habit, rather it incorporates new habits into your already set routine.
Go native
I can't preach this enough.

One of the easiest ways to improve your foreign language ability is to translate what you already everyday do into English.

For example, I practice yoga and meditation. Now I watch videos and listen to guided meditations in Portuguese. I read recipes in Portuguese and listen to the news in Spanish. For everything you love in your life, there is a counterpart in your target language.

Learning English can be a daunting task, but I guarantee if you incorporate these little tweaks into your routine, the smalls wins will accumulate faster than you think.
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